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Since 2012, we have created engaging animated commercials for over 500 companies in the Nordic region. We work with companies all over Scandinavia!

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Without attention, it does not matter how good your product or service is…

Imagine two scenarios. A large company spends tens of millions of kronor to show its awesome TV commercial. As soon as the commercial begins, the viewer picks up his smartphone, opens his favorite app, and does not lift his head until the favorite series starts again.
The second scenario is a small company that does a good job by creating valuable, relevant content that their followers and prospects appreciate. When the company releases a new video, their audience WANTS to see it, and get involved in some way.
I want you to realize something:
This happens ALL THE TIME.
Without the viewer’s attention, your posts and ads are COMPLETELY useless.

When you go through the noise, you get the exact opposite effect …

The majority of all companies have not yet realized that their focus should be on this important ingredient.

And that’s why the first scenario we described above is so common; where a company can pour money on a commercial that is completely useless because they have decided what the world should be like (people watch my TV commercial), but have forgotten to investigate what the world looks like in reality (the majority do something else, eg playing with the mobile phone, when their TV series is interrupted for advertising).

Now that you are aware of this, we can start creating your video from the right starting point: how do we capture the attention of your customer group so that we can deliver your message so that it actually lands?

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